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Magdalen White Wash

Monday, 21 May, 2012

The Magdalen Whitewash is a play that depicts the terrible lives of so-called ‘fallen’ women. Shunned by their families and society, they were considered sinners in need of redemption after becoming pregnant outside of wedlock. Locked away in squalid conditions, forced to work in laundries ran by the State and the Catholic Church, the girls were stripped of their dignity and left at the mercy of those who should have shown compassion and care. Inside the steaming walls we see how they cope with the gruelling toil, the stigma, the abandonment of their families and the sense of the passing years with no hope of reprieve.


Friday, 18 May, 2012

In the beginning, the earth was featureless, flat and grey. There were no mountains, no rivers, no billabongs, no birds or animals - in fact not one living thing. Then long, long ago came the Dreamtime. The Aboriginal people have never used a written language, instead their stories were passed on from person to person and generation to generation, spreading the word of how the world took on the shape it is today. Let us transport you to the Australian outback, where you will see, feel and hear the ancient tales that belong to the country’s indigenous people and marvel at the magic and mysticism that you too may want to pass on.

Cabaret 2012

Thursday, 17 May, 2012

Welcome to the Cabaret sings the emcee of the Kit Kat Club through painted lips, as the people of Berlin in 1929 join him. While the troubles of world outside grow ever real, inside the revellers forget theirs by embracing the sheer joy of the Cabaret. This musical is the epitome of escapism and shamelessly theatrical whilst still managing to provoke a sense of authentic emotion. Musical numbers such as It Couldn’t Please Me More, Willkommen, Cabaret, Don’t Tell Mama and What Would You Do will have you laughing and crying, sometimes at the same time.


Thursday, 12 January, 2012

Year 1 students on the Higher National Diploma in Music (Popular Music) presented two sets of original songs that had been specifically written for their Songwriting Techniques and Skills module.

The Gut Girls

Saturday, 18 June, 2011

Welcome to our production of The Gut Girls by Sarah Daniels. On one hand the play is simply a story about progress and change from the Victorian period to the Edwardian period and its impact on the working classes. On the other hand it is a story of five feisty women working in the stinking pit that is the gutting sheds. Up to their elbows in entrails and trotters for thirteen hours a day, the working conditions are merciless. Despite what the foreman thinks they are the rulers of this bloody realm and masters of their own destinies. The “gut girls” are raucous, boisterous, have mouths like sailors and are as strong as the pigs they gut, yet they are financially independent to a degree rare for young working-class women in Edwardian England. With a reputation for hard drinking and unruliness, the women are viewed as being no better than whores. Enter Lady Helena, an aristocrat on a mission to teach the gut girls some manners and make them acceptable enough to be employed as domestics. The result is a total yielding of their independence, spirit and way of life.


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