Important HE Policies & Procedures

How to Apply

If you’re applying for a full-time course FT

You can apply through UCAS from September. Our UCAS code is W08.

If you’re applying for a part-time course PT

You can apply directly to us at the University Centre at Wakefield College. For more information or an application form, call our HE Admissions Team on 01924 789803.

After you’ve applied

We’ll acknowledge receipt of your application which will then be assessed by our lecturers. Our aim is to check and hopefully confirm that the course is the right one for you and get back to you with our decision quickly.

Depending upon the course you have applied for, you may be invited along for an interview, to attend an audition or to showcase your portfolio.

June 2016 FT PT

Come and meet us at the UCAS conventions.

July 2016 FT PT

Full-time applicants - set up your UCAS profile.
Part-time applicants - start thinking about your 2017 application!

August - September 2016 FT

Work on your personal statement.
This is your chance to tell us all about yourself.

October - December 2016 FT PT

Come see what we’re all about by attending one of our open events.

January 2017 FT

UCAS deadline January 15th!

February - June 2017 FT

UCAS Extra opens. Applied elsewhere through UCAS and not holding any offers?
You may be able to apply to the University Centre through Extra for one of our courses.

August 2017 FT PT

Didn’t apply to us earlier? Apply now through Clearing!

September 2017 FT PT

Start your course; full-time students take part in Freshers’ Week activities and enjoy a trip to Pizza Express on us!

Higher Eduction Policies & Procedures

If you would like any of these documents in Braille or audio tape, please contact the College through the contact us page or contact the adaptation of materials service on 01924 789228.

Academic Appeals

The Code offers students the opportunity to raise matters of concern and no student shall suffer any disadvantage as a result of making an academic appeal. Any appeal raised will be dealt with in a timely way and any procedures within this Code are designed to be accessible, fair and transparent.

Academic Appeals.pdf
56.53 kb · 22 June, 2017


This Code of Practice is intended to inform applicants to programmes of study at the University Centre at Wakefield College of the procedures and regulations relating to that application.

Admissions Appeals and Complaints.pdf
57.02 kb · 22 June, 2017

Admissions Code of Practice.pdf
194.87 kb · 22 June, 2017

Complaints Procedures

We are committed to providing a high quality educational experience which is supported by excellent administrative and pastoral support. In order to assist us in this endeavour we welcome feedback from all of our students, but recognise that whilst the majority of it is positive in nature, there will be occasions when problems arise. We wish to ensure that any student of the University Centre who is dissatisfied with the service or educational experience that they have received is able to raise their concerns or submit a complaint.

Higher Education Complaints Procedure.pdf
60.12 kb · 22 June, 2017

Disabled Student Allowance: Non Medical Help

The table below shows NMH rates. The greyed out cells indicate that the institution does not offer these services. Also, for some services, there may be more than one provider. Where this is the case, each provider is listed, along with their rates.

Disabled Student Allowance.pdf
361.95 kb · 22 June, 2017


This Code of Practice outlines the processes and procedures that students must adhere to when undertaking any form of research which involves primary research activity; the completion of which is required for a module of study within the University Centre at Wakefield College (the “University Centre”). This document allows the University Centre to ensure that students are committed to appropriate ethical practice and principles.

Ethics Approval.pdf
325.7 kb · 22 June, 2017

Placement Based Activity

This Code of Practice relates to the processes that must be adhered to undertaking placement based activity as part of a Higher Education programme of study. The Code does not supersede any regulations in place at partner Universities or Examining Bodies.

Management of Placement Based Activity.pdf
340.8 kb · 22 June, 2017


This Code of Practice relates to the processes that must be adhered to when investigating instances of unacceptable behaviour in relation to Higher Education programmes of study. The Code does not supersede any regulations in place at partner Universities or Examining Bodies.

Higher Education Plagiarism.pdf
160.17 kb · 22 June, 2017

Other Higher Education Policies & Procedures

Accredited Prior Learning Policy.pdf
512.38 kb · 22 June, 2017

Higher Education Assessment Policy.pdf
814.39 kb · 22 June, 2017

Higher Education Retention.pdf
82.18 kb · 22 June, 2017