English for Speakers of Other Languages

Do you have the specialist skills and qualifications you need to get a particular job, but don’t have the necessary level of spoken or written English?

About the ESOL Courses

If English is not your first language, these friendly classes will help you to improve your English skills and gain a qualification.

The speaking and listening classes will help you develop confidence with your verbal communication and you will practise making requests, conversation, discussion, and giving presentations when studying at Level 1 and 2.

The reading and writing classes will help you develop reading for meaning and accuracy, looking for hidden meanings in texts, write a range of texts, spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

Key Points
  • ESOL national qualifications are widely recognised by employers
  • Classes start at various points throughout the year, there may be a waiting list for places depending on when you can attend College
  • Fees may be payable
  • You’ll be assessed and advised as to which course suits you best

ESOL Courses

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