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Information for Agencies

Wakefield College receives many calls from Employment Agencies and Recruitment Advertising Agencies, although we do appreciate the interest shown, our policy, as approved by our Governors, states that we must recruit candidates directly ourselves wherever possible.

Agencies are therefore not approved to recruit on behalf of Wakefield College, we do not accept cold calls or any speculative emails on behalf of applicants from recruitment agencies.

Preferred suppliers

If, on the very rare occasion, we choose to use an Agency/Employment Businesses or Recruitment Advertising Agencies.

We would first go to our current providers or those listed on the Crescent Purchasing Consortium We ask that you respect the relationships which we have built up with our current providers, with whom we would always work with in the first instance.

Legal Disclaimer

You also need to be aware that our legal team review all terms of business before we enter into any agreements. We must therefore insist that you do not contact any Wakefield College employee or manager directly as they have no authority to enter into agreement with you. All recruitment queries and communication should be directed to

And finally, we want to have a good working relationship with you, and we understand you want the same and are trying to promote your business. However, if we need your help, we will contact you.

Thank you for your understanding.