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Can I take my child on holidays during term-time?

We are sorry, but we cannot authorise holidays in term-time.

What are the term dates?

You can find all out term dates by visiting www.wakefield.ac.uk/about-us/term-dates.

My son/daughter is absent due to illness, who do I need to contact?

For Wakefield City Campus students students telephone 01924 789130, for Castleford Campus students, telephone 01924 789548.

How do I find out my son/daughter’s Student Group Leader?

This information is in the Parents’ Handbook. You can access it here.

When is Parents’ Evening?

We have two Parents’ Evenings each year, one in December and one in April. You will be notified of the dates.

When will I get a report on my son/daughter’s progress?

Reports are issued in advance of Parents’ Evenings. You can view up-to-date progress information through the Progress Portal.

How do I access the Progress Portal?

Access the Progress Portal here to view attendance, timetables and more. You will need your username and password sent to you separately in a letter.

My son/daughter is unsure what they’d like to do after they finish their course?

All students get support from their course tutors and Student Group Leader. We also have a careers department and students can make an appointment through Student Central (2nd floor in Harrison Building, City Campus or CX118 at Castleford Campus). You can also contact them on 01924 789113 or careers@wakefield.ac.uk.

What additional support do you provide?

We have specialist tutors with expertise in supporting Autistic Spectrum Disorders, ADHD, visual impairment, dyslexia, dyspraxia or dyscalculia, learning difficulties, mobility difficulties, English as a second language or a hearing impediment. They can assist through support in and out of class or assistive technologies. You can read more here www.wakefield.ac.uk/about-us/learner-support.

How do I make a complaint?

You can find out about the process and also submit a complaint to the College by going here www.wakefield.ac.uk/get-in-touch/complaints/.

Can my son/daughter receive any financial help whilst at College?

If your total household income is below £26,000 the student may be able to receive help with travel, meals, kits and overnight residentials. Contact Financial Support on 01924 789549 or email student.finance@wakefield.ac.uk for more information or call in to Student Central to pick up an application form.

Can my son/daughter complete their homework in college?

Yes the college libraries open at 8.30am daily and students can then use our facilities including computers. Students can pre-book a computer if needed.

Can my son/daughter receive extra support with their maths and or English study?

All students can access the ARC, this is a specialist area for students to access outside of their classroom sessions to gain support with Maths and English. The room can be used to work on strengthening areas needing improvement and to build confidence in maths and English. This area allows for small group work and individual work.

What is a study programme?

Study Programmes are made up of a number of elements of equal importance. Your son/daughter’s Study Programme will only contain the elements that are right for them. The time at College is crucial in helping them develop as a whole person, ready for their next step into employment or further study. For that reason, we ask for parents’ help and support in ensuring that students understand the importance of all elements of their Study Programme. The elements may include: specialist subject area, group tutorial, individual tutorial, maths, English, Employability & Enterprise, PEEP, HEAT, organised study and work experience.

What is PEEP/ HEAT and how does my son/daughter evidence the hours?

All Study Programme students are required to participate in PEEP, (Personal, Employability, Enrichment and Progress programme) which helps them develop the skills and qualities that employers look for and value, but which students won’t get by just completing qualifications. HEAT (Higher Education, Aspiration and Transition) aims to give students that boost to prepare them for entering higher education or employment and will include speakers, workshops, online activities, visits, trips, and activities, all aimed at giving them the edge for their next step after their Level 3 studies. They will record all of their PEEP experiences in their own personal area in Moodle - My Student Record. This is a really useful record of activities they’ve undertaken which they can use for job applications and UCAS statements, and they will discuss these with their teachers and their Student Group Leader.

What is the purpose of tutorial?

Tutorial is aimed to provide personal and employability development to students, working with them to develop the tools to enable them to succeed and progress. Students won’t be at college forever and we need to prepare them for life and work.

What enrichment activity can my son/daughter take part in?

Students are able to access a number of enrichment activities whilst studying at the college and details of these can be found on the Moodle calendar. We offer a wide variety of Sports and physical activity sessions as well as a cooking club and arts and crafts club that students are able to join.

In addition to weekly sessions, we also offer social trips to places such as Alton Towers as this gives students the opportunity to make new friends across college.

Does the college offer Duke of Edinburgh and how does my son/daughter sign up?

The college offers the Duke of Edinburgh award at Bronze and Silver level. This award is globally recognised by employers and gives students the chance to take part in a weekly physical activity, a volunteering placement and the development of a new skill. Students are also required to take part in an expedition that allows them to develop leadership and communication skills whilst also demonstrating skills in map reading and navigation.

The Duke of Edinburgh Award requires a lot of commitment as they are expected to attend weekly sessions to ensure that they are ready for the expedition. Students can use this award as their PEEP hours which can them be recorded in Moodle – My Student Record.

What do I do if I need to contact my son/daughter in an emergency?

You should have received information about how to access the parent ProPortal and this will give you access to your son/daughters timetable so that you are able to see when they are free. If you need to contact your son/daughter whilst they are in lesson, you can do this by calling 01924 789101.