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Black Lives Matter

Recent global events have sparked an outpouring of anger and grief in relation to the killing of George Floyd. At Wakefield College, we are committed to equality, diversity and inclusion and fully support all of our students, staff and our community in the pursuit of a fairer society.

As a College we will always continue to challenge and address racial inequality and injustice. We stand against racism and support the values and ethos of Black Lives Matter. Education is a powerful tool to address discrimination and we each have a role to play.

The past few days have shown we all need to do more to invoke change and challenge prejudice and inequality whilst respecting law and order. We must listen, and our expectations must increase and we must take action.

We already work closely with partners, student representatives and groups to address inequality and stand up to racism, however we believe that more can be done and have asked colleagues to consider what actions we can take on an individual and an organisational level to effect this change.