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Lotte Henshall

Diploma in Performing Arts (Musical Theatre)

I’ve appeared in quite a lot of shows in Wakefield, Leeds and Rotherham. I’ve even done a few in London and with the help from College I’ve been able to perform in Paris.

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What Lotte had to say...

“I chose Wakefield College because it offered the perfect course. It offered the right amount of dancing, singing, and acting. It offered trips to London, opportunities to work with professionals, be in different shows, variety shows, cabarets, musical theatre shows, it just offered everything.

”The difference between school and college is that it’s completely different. You feel like an adult, you’ve got so much more time and you feel so mature. They give you space, they give you privacy, they don’t treat you like a child.

”My overall experience at Wakefield College has been amazing. I’ve met so many people with different interests. From the public services, the sports department, musical theatre, dance, acting; they’re all amazing; they’ve all got a passion for what they’re doing and it’s inspiring and I’ve learnt so much and I’ve learnt so much about myself.

”I think the staff at Wakefield College are really helpful. They’ve helped me through a lot of things like UCAS, building up my confidence, and they’re like friends as well - you can always talk to them about anything - they’re always there for you whatever.

”The highlights of being at this College would have to be performing to the rest of the College by being able to showcase what our talents are and being able to do it with my friends who I’ve met here as well- it’s an honour to do that.

”I’ve appeared in quite a lot of shows in Wakefield, Rotherham, Leeds and I’ve even done a few in London. With the help from College as well, I’ve been able to perform in Paris so I’ve done stuff nationally and internationally.

”The college gives me the boost that I need. It supports whatever you want to do outside, so without them I probably wouldn’t have had the confidence to go do all these things.

”Definitely come to Wakefield College; you’ll have a great two years. You’ll learn a lot about yourself, you’ll meet some amazing people and you’ll be given so many opportunities and it’ll be a great time for you.”

About Lotte

Lotte studied Diploma in Performing Arts (Musical Theatre) at Wakefield College.

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Performing Arts Further Education

CONTACT: For more information email, or telephone 01924 789789.
DATE: 18 January, 2012

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