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College Students clash with Police in riot

Public Services Press Release

Wakefield College Public Service Students were involved in a riot with West Yorkshire Police last week, a pre-planned training one that is - all part of a unique partnership between West Yorkshire Police and Wakefield College. As many as thirty first and second year students became disorderly delinquents, throwing missiles, petrol bombs and having running battles with the mounted police.

The day-long exercise was part of West Yorkshire Police’s Crowd Control training programme. Police Officers were put through their paces as they experienced what they might one day have to deal with. The officers, in full riot gear learnt how to subdue troublesome crowds and cope with being attacked by building barracks and using mounted police.

The Wakefield College students are all studying on the BTEC First and BTEC National Diploma in Public Services. Many of them hope to join the uniformed services after the completion of their studies.

The students spent the day throwing missiles, petrol bombing, erecting barricades, being surrounded by police officers in ‘safe houses’ and being chased by police officers and police horses. One student said, “You truly appreciate all the hard work and discipline that is required to become a riot control officer, but it was fantastic, its not everyday you get to throw missiles at the police and get away with it. Can we come again next week?”

Course Tutor Elaine Lee said “This was an excellent opportunity for all involved, I was pleased that this was a mutually beneficial exercise for both the police and our students, we look forward to continuing working with West Yorkshire Police over the coming months”.


CONTACT: For more information email, or telephone 01924 789789.
DATE: 5 October, 2005

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