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College lecturer’s work receives international recognition

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The pioneering work of a Wakefield College lecturer has received international recognition. Dr. Khalid Al-Tahat, who teaches in the College’s IT department, will see his paper ‘Using Alice for Teaching Object-oriented Programming for Novice Programmers’ published in a leading textbook. Khalid has also been asked to present his work at a prestigious international technology convention in Kuala Lumpar, Malaysia, later this month.

Khalid, originally from Jordan, has been at the College for over three years. Khalid holds a BSc in Computer Science from Yarmouk University in Jordan, an MSc in Artificial Intelligence from the Malaysian University of Science and a PhD in Computer Science from the National University of Malaysia.

His research interests lie in the field of modern software engineering, Artificial Intelligence and teaching programming. He is also a committee member and a reviewer for a number of international conferences in computing and communication technologies.

Programming is widely seen as one of the most challenging subjects to teach individuals new to IT. However, thanks to Khalid’s new methodology, the process is set to become easier. Alice – a 3D programming tool to help teach programming to novices - aims to overcome some of the difficulties associated with learning programming.

Commenting on his forthcoming trip, Khalid said: “It will be a real honour to represent Wakefield College on the international stage. Participating in this international convention will give me a chance to meet with recognised world authorities in the field of computing, allowing me to share ideas and experiences with them.”

A prolific writer, Khalid has had no less than 16 works published in academic journals during his teaching career.


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DATE: 13 September, 2010

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