A Chorus Line is a musical about musicals, set on the bare stage of a Broadway Theatre it is a dramatisation of the competitive and volatile nature of being a performer. We are introduced to a number of hopefuls at an audition who are put through their paces both personally and professionally; the auditioner (Zach) forces the chorus line to expose their inner most anxieties in an almost sadistic bid to ensure that he employs a cast who truly have the burning desire to perform. It is funny, sad, occasionally cruel, but always heart-warming and highlights beautifully the psychology of performers and the competitive nature of show business.


Production Date: June 2011

Performed by: Level 3 Diploma in Performing Arts (Musical Theatre)

Director: Paul Dale-Vickers

Choreography: Louise Wilkins

Cast: Jessica Staves, Emma Sibson, Bethany Hall, Lauren Bell, Lindsey Smith, Courtney Gaskell, Joanna Cassidy, Gabriella Lindley, Georgina Duffy, Sophia Rogers, Elizabeth Dougan, Stephanie Cook, Poppy-Jo Lumley, Michelle Allan, Sammii Parkes, Bethany Allsopp, Katrina Goodall, Sarah Watson, Caroline Ward and Charlotte Henshall.


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CONTACT: For more information email, or telephone 01924 789789.
DATE: 16 June, 2011

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