Echo loves Narcissus, Narcissus loves himself… what’s a nymph to do? Echo has been punished by the vengeful Juno and can now only repeat the words that are spoken to her. In time she falls hopelessly in love with Narcissus and yearns to tell him who she is and how she feels, in desperation she throws herself at him but is crushed as he recoils in horror. Her sorrow intensifies as Narcissus falls in love with his own reflection and his life dwindles away as his infatuation with himself takes hold. Based on Greek mythology, this is a tale of thwarted love and passion.


Production Date: June 2011

Performed by: Level 2 Diploma in Performing Arts (Performance)

Director: Paul Dale-Vickers

Choreography: Louise Wilkins

Cast: Jessica Staves, Emma Sibson, Bethany Hall, Lauren Bell, Lindsey Smith, Courtney Gaskell, Joanna Cassidy, Gabriella Lindley, Georgina Duffy, Sophia Rogers, Elizabeth Dougan, Stephanie Cook, Poppy-Jo Lumley, Michelle Allan, Sammii Parkes, Bethany Allsopp, Katrina Goodall, Sarah Watson, Caroline Ward and Charlotte Henshall.


Performing Arts Summer Show Photo Gallery

CONTACT: For more information email, or telephone 01924 789789.
DATE: 14 June, 2011

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