Welcome to our production of The Gut Girls by Sarah Daniels. On one hand the play is simply a story about progress and change from the Victorian period to the Edwardian period and its impact on the working classes. On the other hand it is a story of five feisty women working in the stinking pit that is the gutting sheds. Up to their elbows in entrails and trotters for thirteen hours a day, the working conditions are merciless. Despite what the foreman thinks they are the rulers of this bloody realm and masters of their own destinies. The “gut girls” are raucous, boisterous, have mouths like sailors and are as strong as the pigs they gut, yet they are financially independent to a degree rare for young working-class women in Edwardian England. With a reputation for hard drinking and unruliness, the women are viewed as being no better than whores. Enter Lady Helena, an aristocrat on a mission to teach the gut girls some manners and make them acceptable enough to be employed as domestics. The result is a total yielding of their independence, spirit and way of life.


Production Date: June 2011

Performed by: HND in Performing Arts (Performance) Theatre

Director: Tina Shuker

Cast: Shaunagh Conway, Aiden Hall, Edward Lindley, Mark Nightingale, Zev Higginbottom, Nikki Lawton, Jo Louise Knibb, Nathan Robinson, Jenny Daly, Georgina Duffy, Jenny Simmonds, Daniel Ingham, Joanna Cassidy, Helena Butterworth, James Colley, Sophie Manville, Jessica Whiting and Tom Milton.


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CONTACT: For more information email, or telephone 01924 789789.
DATE: 18 June, 2011

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