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College Games Design students take part in international event

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Games Development students with screenshots of the work they produced.

Games Design students from Wakefield College recently got creative as they took part in an annual games design event.

The Global Game Jam is an international event which brings together developers, programmers and game enthusiasts, with the aim to promote game design by challenging participants to spend 48 hours designing a brand new game.

Students from the popular Games Design course spent the weekend at the College’s City Campus utilising their gaming skills. Split up into smaller teams, the students made four games including Colony Crash and The Jolly Good Adventure.

One of students taking part said: “Although the project was challenging because of the time limit, making the game was really fun. It was a friendly environment and hopefully it will be bigger and better next year!” 

Games Design lecturer Ant Cain added: “Our first Global Game Jam was a lot of fun and a great learning experience for all involved. We’re hoping to build on it significantly next year by including more students and some professional participants too.” 

“The students learnt a lot about the realities of making games and adjusted well to the challenges of the tight deadline. Since the jam finished, we have been able to view the games made thousands of participants from around the world. This is obviously a lot of fun but also provides great insight into the way other people work. The quality of some games from other sites can be a real eye-opener for the students and helps to show them what they will be capable of with continued enthusiasm for their studies.”


CONTACT: For more information email, or telephone 01924 789789.
DATE: 5 February, 2015

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