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Wakefield College continues to play key role in Leeds City region

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Wakefield College is one of fourteen further education colleges in the Leeds city region who are working with employers as part of a skills network. 

The colleges have developed over 227,000 apprenticeships, supported numerous business start-ups, contribute £1.8 billion annually to the local economy and worked with over 10,000 employers a year.

One of those employers is Wakefield Shirt Group, employer of hundreds of local people, who now have more confidence and efficiency after investing in IT training delivered by Wakefield College.

Double TWO (part of the Wakefield Shirt Group) have always been a forward thinking and innovative business, investing in fabric and garment development, improving ways of working, advertising, and famous for the introduction of the shirt with the double collars and cuffs. This year they are proud to be celebrating their 75th anniversary. 

The training was available to all employees and has enabled them to update their knowledge and skills in line, giving them more confidence and creating efficiencies where more time would have been spent to complete even some of the simplest day to day tasks.

“As an organisation we recognise the importance of moving forward with training, development and investment. This does however; require a large commitment from the company in terms of time and costs associated with that time. Without the employee it would be very difficult to move forward with business.”

“We see the training delivery from Wakefield College as a great benefit, particularly as they have been able to deliver the training in the workplace. The training has been well received by all, including senior managers who have also attended and the feedback we have picked up has been nothing but positive.”


CONTACT: For more information email, or telephone 01924 789789.
DATE: 25 June, 2015

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