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Getting a taste of Rhubarb Radio

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Helen Law, Work Placement Officer trying out the many flavours of Rhubarb Radio!

The Wakefield College Work Placement team were invited to look around the new Rhubarb Radio studios in Wakefield.

Operations Director David Stankler said, ‘It’s a fantastic opportunity for the radio station to be able to offer work placements with training for music, media, business and production students from Wakefield College.”

“Rhubarb Radio is at the heart of Wakefield and the Rhubarb Triangle.”

David’s passion for the station, as well as many of the other known stations he has worked with, shines through with his commitment to introducing opportunities for young people who are looking at entering into a creative fast-paced sector.

Tony Jackson, Work Placement Coordinator “ This is an exciting opportunity for our students to undertake industry specific placements and I believe David’s offer will help our students develop the skills necessary for careers in media, business and broadcasting”. 

During the tour, David and his team gave an indepth talk on how radio broadcasting works in a modern studio, and also showed how live music events could potentially streamed from the location. Helen Law, Work Placement Officer was invited to sit in ‘the chair’ to get a feel for what it’s like to be at the helm of a live radio station.

Rhubarb Radio will be officially launched live on air 1st October at 12 noon! 

If any employers and businesses would like more information on how to offer placements or work experience for Wakefield College students, please contact Helen Law, Work Placements Team 01924 789413 or email workplacements@wakefield.ac.uk.


CONTACT: For more information email info@wakefield.ac.uk, or telephone 01924 789789.
DATE: 20 September, 2017

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