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Wakefield College partnership with Sky continues

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Sky Home Service Team with Wakefield College student

Earlier this year the Sky Home Service team and Wakefield College created a dynamic partnership to gain new insights which will help to increase diversity in the Sky’s Home Service Engineer team, and give students access to the Sky Home Service Apprenticeship scheme.

The scheme was such a success for Sky and Wakefield College earlier in the year it's now being extended to four other colleges across the UK. Helen Oldham, the architect of the project, said at the wrap-up event for the project that she was ‘’humbled and delighted with the thoughtful responses from everyone involved, the enthusiasm of the students and the open-minded approach of the engineers. There were some amazing ideas and insights put forward in the questionnaires, many of which are now being built into the Home Service recruitment strategy. I enjoyed every moment of the project from start to finish and I have all the brilliant participants, Sky and Wakefield College staff to thank for that.’’

Sky serves 21 million customers across five countries and employs around 25,000 people in the UK. Of those, 3,376 work in Home Service, which includes two key roles, Broadband Superheroes and Engineers. Less than 2% of the Home Service Engineer roles are currently filled by women. But Sky aspires to grow the number of female engineers to 20% of its workforce by the end of 2020.

It’s an initiative where experienced Sky staff are paired with and mentored by students on topics such as diversity, technology, social media and current trends.

Thirteen students will be recruited from Wakefield College - 10 women and 3 men - to take part in the scheme. They will be matched with an engineer with similar interests and spend four 'Ride Out Days' with the engineer. The students will also enjoy a tour of Sky's headquarters in London, an event in Leeds and, after the project ends, will have an opportunity to join the Sky Apprenticeship scheme. Students can still take part in the project if they do not want to be a Sky Apprentice.

The scheme is open to all current Wakefield College students on any course.

If you are interested please contact Corinne Barker on C.Barker@wakefield.ac.uk


CONTACT: For more information email info@wakefield.ac.uk, or telephone 01924 789789.
DATE: 13 November, 2018

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