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Friday, 18 December, 2020

Press Release Work Placement Media & Design

Stada Media Founder and CEO Danny Lacey

Following on from a very successful Virtual Work Placement with Engie last week, this week it was our Level 3 Media students turn to take part in their first Virtual Work Placement Wakefield-based corporate video production company, Stada Media.

Stada Media was founded in 2009 by CEO, Danny Lacey. After ten plus years they are still evolving, continually transitioning to find better ways of working, an ethos highly needed this year! Stada Media is passionate about developing staff’s skills and experience but also welcomes new skills and abilities that will help the business thrive.

That being said, it’s no surprise they wanted to help give the talent of tomorrow a taste of what it’s like to work within a video production company in a 2020 way. The Stada Media Virtual Work Placement has involved an employer engagement session with an overview of the company and job roles, a virtual tour of the company premises, a virtual team meeting with the full Stada Media team, and an employability video project for the students to complete.

The employability video project saw students creating 90-second videos that could be used to promote themselves to potential employers, using the skills and knowledge that had been gained from their placement with Stada Media.

Stada Media Founder and CEO Danny Lacey said “It has been a pleasure to offer the students an insight into working in the media industry - and what it’s like to work at a video production company.

It’s not exactly been a normal work placement week, but it has highlighted how important technology is right now and that working together virtually can still be effective.

We are all about using video as a powerful marketing tool to promote your business. The students have created some inspiring work using video to promote themselves. They really understood the medium and how to best get their message across - there are some future stars here.”

Today on the final day of the work placement, Danny Lacey gave all students feedback on their employability videos.

Helen Law, Work Placement Officer at Wakefield College said “We have responded quickly to develop virtual work placements. Stada Media has been amazing and really given our media students a worthwhile experience. We can’t thank them enough! The students have given us really positive feedback throughout the whole week and I think it been highly beneficial for them to still be able to have the work placement experience, in an industry that has quickly embraced working and collaborating in a virtual world.”

The students said:

“Thank you for allowing us to do work experience with your company as it was very helpful and I enjoyed creating the task that was given and the help we got from the company and team.” Chloe B

“Thank you for providing us with this wonderful opportunity. It has given me great insight into how the media industry works and an idea of what job I might want to do if I pursue that career path.” James E

“Thank you, for allowing us to have this opportunity to talk to you about your company. It was very helpful, and I enjoyed the task that we were set from you, thanks for the work experience from your company and team.” Lauren H

“Big thank you to Danny and the Stada media team who have given me a lot of information on the industry I want to work in, I’ve learned a lot this week and I’ll carry it with me.” James B


CONTACT: For more information email, or telephone 01924 789789.
DATE: 18 December, 2020

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