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Wednesday, 10 February, 2021

Press Release Apprenticeships

Name: Becca Pountney

Job Title: HR Apprentice

Employer/ Location: ENGIE Regional Office

Fun fact about me:

I have been for auditions to be on TV through a drama agency I used to attend. While at the agency, I was also in a short film that won at Edinburgh Film Festival. Is that a fun fact? If not, I can Water-ski!!

Dream Job when you were 10:

When I was younger, I always thought I would be a Midwife, but my absolute dream was to become an Actress! I know they are the complete opposites.

What are the 5 key skills you need to be an HR Apprentice?

Communication skills, approachable and understanding as people confide in you, ability to remain completely confidential, good IT skills, finally, just friendly and easy to talk to.

What do you do day to day in your job?

Logging Sickness / Special Leave Requests. Receiving and processing HR forms – Return to Work Interviews Special Leave and Sicknotes, Create ID Badges, DBS checks. Run Reports Monthly on – Starters & Leavers, Sickness. Sickness Triggers in the last 12 months. Headcount/FTE. Send new data to SSC, chase supervisors on outstanding forms. Take minutes of various meetings.

 What made you want to become an HR Apprentice? Tell us your Journey

Before working at Engie, I used to do Business Admin in a Solicitors in Leeds. I found that Business Admin was quite repetitive and occasionally a little boring. In the office, we used to sit alongside HR. I often found them constantly busy, talking to people, helping people and I found it engaging. I was coming to the end of my Apprenticeship and decided to look for jobs as I knew I could not see myself in a Solicitors doing Business Admin long term. While looking, I came across my current role and thought it sounded like exactly what I could see myself doing. The location was so close to me and decided to apply. I went for the interview, I felt like the office was much more to what I would like, the Solicitors was very quiet, serious and this one looked like everyone got along. I love my job and working at Engie.

What qualifications or training do you need to become an HR Apprentice?

I am currently undertaking a Level 3 CIPD qualification at Wakefield College alongside my job. I like doing it this way as the studying I do for my qualification is put into practice on a daily basis.

 What do you like best about being an HR Apprentice?

 I love that every day is different. Nothing is ever the same, there is always something to do. I have built good relationships with the people I work with and I believe this is down to the nature of my role.

 What Challenges do you face in your job?

 The biggest challenge would be the emotional side of the job. The types of meetings I am involved with, such as disciplinaries and sickness can be quite intense and tough at times.

 What do you look for in a colleague?

 Someone that would be easy to get along with, very focused, willing to take on any challenges, take pride in their work, always there to help people and support each other to do better.

 Where do you see yourself in 10 years’ time?

 In 10 years' time, I would like to think I have completed all qualifications in order for me to be a fully qualified HR Manager. Ideally, I would love to still be at Engie as I believe it is a great place to work.

 What salary and benefits might you expect as an HR apprentice?

Working in HR is a good department to be a part of. As an apprentice, I am currently on minimum wage for my age. However, when I qualify, I would expect to earn over £25K per year.




CONTACT: For more information email, or telephone 01924 789789.
DATE: 10 February, 2021

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