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Fun and Games at the First Games Careers Week

Wednesday, 16 June, 2021

Digital Industries Work Placement

Last week the Level 3 Games Development Students were treated to the first Games Careers Week at Wakefield College. With big studio names and practitioners providing virtual talks and networking to the students across 5 days it was a fantastic opportunity for invaluable insights into the art of being a games developer.

The talks and masterclasses included programming, art and design, community management, production, audio, marketing and talent acquisition. Debbie Lee, Work Placement Officer said “The students really engaged with the employers, asking lots of questions and really dissecting the topics – it was a pleasure to host the week”

On Tuesday, Curriculum Development Manager, Rob Charlish also launched the End of Year Games Jam, Rise of the Rhubarbarian. An internal project set for the students to create a 3D platformer with the Rhubarbarian as their character. They have been given some pre-defined elements they can use but are free to use whatever creative ideas they can come up with. They will then be compiled together into a single game project.

At the end of the week, Rob said “It was great to see these prolific companies echoing what the department has been teaching all year round. A huge thanks go to all the contributors.”


Antonela Pounder, Director of Community at 505 Games

Alastair Brown, Games Designer at Rebellion

Stephen Hey, CEO of Hey Stephen Hey

Chris Sayers, VFX Artist at Mediatonic Games

Louise Andrew, Head of art at D3T

Steve Lane, Audio Designer at Splash Damage

Alexander Horowitz, Head of Audio at Studio Gobo

Roger Hulley, Managing Director at Alternative Software

Michael Brown, CTO at Boneloaf

Julien Velicitat, Games Producer at Drest Ltd

Francisco Casanova Parra, Senior Producer at Natural Motion

Nikka Oldale, Usability, Jasper Barnes, Talent Acquisition and Steve Dalton, Programmer all from Team 17


CONTACT: For more information email, or telephone 01924 789789.
DATE: 16 June, 2021

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