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Climate walkers visit Wakefield College…

Wednesday, 27 October, 2021

Press Release Hospitality & Catering

Part-time adult catering students who helped prepare meals for the Spanish walkers

A group of environmental activists walking from Spain to Glasgow for the CoP26 summit stopped over at Wakefield College recently.  Catering students from the College welcomed the walkers to Gaskell’s Restaurant and prepared an array of mouth-watering food.

Adele Wright, Head of Curriculum for Hospitality and Catering at Wakefield College said "We were delighted to support the Spanish walkers on their journey from Madrid to Glasgow in order to attend CoP26. This was a great opportunity for our Hospitality and Catering students to cater for this event by providing lunch for the walkers before they embark on the next leg of their journey".

The Spanish group left Spain at the end of September, walking well over 500 miles to Glasgow, averaging 20 miles a day. The group will be joining other groups of walkers from all over Europe and from the UK, all converging on Glasgow as CoP26 kicks off on Sunday 31st October. On the way, the towns and cities the walkers visited hosted rallies and talks, and visited schools to raise awareness and help educate people about the importance of the CoP26 talks, and how people can push their governments to take meaningful climate action.

The group of walkers thanked the College’s students for their efforts and praised the quality of food prepared to meet all the different dietary requirements. 




CONTACT: For more information email info@wakefield.ac.uk, or telephone 01924 789789.
DATE: 27 October, 2021

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