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Wakefield College helps pupils to expand their culinary skills

Thursday, 14 December, 2023

School Partnerships Hospitality & Catering

Pupil from Rodillian Academy with their dish

Wakefield College is enabling pupils to build their confidence in the kitchen by hosting a range of cooking demonstrations with local secondary schools.

As part of cookery week, the College’s Hospitality & Catering department delivered culinary sessions with pupils from Rodillian Academy and Oulton Academy where they learned how to make and present a range of dishes.

Following a demonstration by Hospitality & Catering tutor Daniel McCarthy, pupils were tasked with plating up their own dishes using a range of creative methods such as adding garnishes and sauces.

The pupils had to explain the process behind their dish, with tutor Daniel providing students with feedback before they got to enjoy their creations.

Rodillian Academy pupils learned how to fillet a fish, later using the seabass and plaice to make goujons using flour, egg and breadcrumbs. They also prepared and chopped vegetables to make the sauce for the meal, before decorating their plates with a range of garnishes such as fondant potatoes and sauteed cabbage.


Pupils from Rodillian Academy with their fish goujons and garnishes

Rachel Hansbro of Rodillian Academy, said: “My pupils thoroughly enjoyed the day and it was extremely helpful for them to learn and cook in a professional kitchen focusing on their presentation skills, which will help in their exams. A huge thank you to Wakefield College’s School Partnerships Team and Hospitality & Catering department for arranging such an engaging session.”

Tackling desserts, pupils from Oulton Academy made a chocolate lava cake with a blackcurrant mousse and a Joconde base, which was garnished with meringue bulbs and sticks, candied orange segments, raspberry coulis, chocolate soil and micro herbs.

The pupils thoroughly enjoyed the session, with one commenting: “'I really enjoyed my visit to Wakefield College. The kitchen was amazing and I felt I gained valuable experience which will help me academically going forward.”


Pupils from Oulton Academy preparing their chocolate lava cakes

Daniel McCarthy, Hospitality & Catering tutor at Wakefield College, said: “Preparing and presenting food is a great way to express your creativity and it was fantastic to see the pupils creating something they were proud of. I hope the sessions have increased their confidence in the kitchen and their culinary skills, which will hopefully stand them in good stead for when they take their exams and potentially a future career path in hospitality and catering.”

Wakefield College offers a range of Hospitality & Catering programmes, including vocational courses and apprenticeships.

Students learn in the College’s onsite award-winning restaurant, which provides members of the public the opportunity to sample high-quality dishes at moderate prices.

This is one of a number of sessions which the Heart of Yorkshire Education Group’s Schools Partnerships Team has arranged with schools in the district, which aim to give pupils a taste of college life and an opportunity expand their skills in a range of subjects.

James Pennington, Head of School Partnerships and Admissions at the Heart of Yorkshire Education Group, said: “It was great to see so many young people working in our professional kitchens at these excellent events. We are committed to working collaboratively with partner schools to offer enhanced learning experiences which compliment pupils’ GCSE courses. Our taster sessions are fun and engaging and provide a line of sight to the exciting opportunities available at our colleges and beyond.”

Find out more about Wakefield College’s Hospitality & Catering department, here: Wakefield College - Hospitality & Catering


CONTACT: For more information email info@wakefield.ac.uk, or telephone 01924 789789.
DATE: 14 December, 2023

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