Wakefield College - Parent letter for prospective students

Parent letter for prospective students

April 2020

Dear Parent

We are writing to provide you with some reassurance during these challenging times. We are looking forward to welcoming your son/daughter to Wakefield College for their course in September but are also governed by external events and we will continue to maintain close contact with all our prospective students.

We currently have prospective students at various stages with us:

  1. Your son/daughter has made a recent application with us via our website or through the school online application system and has received an acknowledgement from our admissions team on the contact details within the application.
  2. Your son/daughter has made an application and was awaiting an interview which was then postponed.
  3. Your son/daughter made an earlier application and has completed an interview and received an offer for a course.
  4. Your son/daughter has not yet made an application with Wakefield College.

At stage 1 and 2, your son/daughter will now be contacted with further arrangements. This will be dependent on the course area and the course requirements. At application stage, we provide offers to applicants dependent on their predicted grades. This process continues to take place remotely and if we receive applications without predicted grades, we will contact the school to confirm these. Following receipt of the application we will then be in contact with the applicant to either; a) arrange a telephone interview; b) request some further information to support the application, or c) provide a conditional offer. Ultimately, applicants will all receive an offer on an appropriate course based on their career intentions and predicted grades. We would like to stress that at enrolment we will make any necessary adjustments when we are able to provide further advice and guidance and have sight of actual results.

At stage 3 we will be maintaining contact with the applicant through the details provided and keeping them up to date with developments and liaising on any pre-induction tasks which may need to be completed. We will also ensure this occurs with applicants at stage 1 and 2 when they reach this point.

At stage 4 we would like to reinforce that we are still operating and welcome new applications through our website. We would ask that all our applicants ensure that they keep a watch on their emails as this has to be our preferred method of contact in these circumstances.

We are planning to have all offers secure as soon as possible and we have our careers team on hand throughout this process to provide further advice and guidance on career pathways. Our careers team and our admissions team can be contacted by email on careers@wakefield.ac.uk and admissions@wakefield.ac.uk, a team member will then get in touch.

We appreciate these are difficult circumstances and may cause anxiety and concern for prospective students and parents. We would like to reassure you that your son/daughter will not be disadvantaged or adversely affected in any way by the current situation. We will make whatever adaptations are necessary to ensure our applicants are placed on an appropriate course and that we support their transition from school to our College.

We are renowned at Wakefield College for the support and experience we provide to our young people which was recognised in our recent Ofsted inspection. Additionally, as the largest provider in the district, we are able to reassure you that we will be able to provide an appropriate place on a course for your son/daughter in September. We are a ‘caring’ College and the wellbeing of your son/daughter and their future success is our priority.

Yours sincerely

Sam Wright,
Principal and CEO