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Whether you’re studying to improve your prospects, to upgrade your qualifications, to help you to change your job or simply studying for pleasure, there is a huge array of courses and qualifications on offer to you.

Finding the right course for you

What are you looking to do:

Wakefield College has something for everyone - our aim is to get you started at the right level and on the best route for you.

Finding the right level for you

You may have seen references to ‘levels’ of course, e.g. ‘level 2 course in maths’. These levels are based on the National Qualifications Framework (NQF). All UK qualifications are given a level numbered 1 - 8, or ‘entry’.

You may be asked to have qualifications at a certain NQF ‘level’ when you apply for work or further study. You can use the table to match your qualification to its level in the National Qualifications Framework.

We do look at everyone individually and you may have different skills, interests, experiences or qualifications to offer. We will ensure that we will advise you on the best route for you.

Level Qualifications
Entry Entry level courses to develop skills and increase confidence
Level 1 GCSE** grade D - G, Level 1 certificates
Level 2 GCSE** grade A* - C, Level 2 NVQs, Level 2 diplomas
Level 3 A Levels**, Level 3 NVQs, Level 3 certificates
Level 4 HNCs, Level 4 diplomas
Level 5 Foundation degrees, HNDs, Level 5 diplomas
Level 6 Bachelor’s degrees (e.g. BA or BSc)
Level 7 Masters degrees, postgraduate certificates, postgraduate diplomas
Level 8 Specialist qualifications such as PhDs (NB not currently offered at Wakefield College)

** These qualifications are usually part of a full-time study programme for school leavers. Please see individual courses for specific entry requirements.

Advanced Learner Loans

Aged 19 or over and thinking about further education?

You may qualify for an Advanced Learner Loan. These loans help you to pay the fees charged by colleges and training organisations. Most learners aged 19 and over, studying Further Education at Level 3 to 6, will qualify for these loans from the UK Government. It’s easy to apply, your household income isn’t taken into account and there’s no credit check. You won’t have to pay anything back until your income is over £25,000 a year*
*For loan applications for courses that commence 1st August 2018 onwards.

Learn more about Advanced Learner Loans


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