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Human Resources Courses

Courses awarded by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development

Employee welfare, employment law and strategic policy-making are just some of the areas a business will require professional advice from its HR team.

Human Resources Courses at Wakefield College

With a resurgent UK economy, businesses are finding it increasingly difficult to attract, recruit and retain the key people they need across all levels of staff. And it’s not just the recruitment aspects of HR that are in demand.

With an ever-present threat of litigation, coupled with the legislative demands placed on businesses, it’s no wonder that professional HR practitioners are held in the highest regard.

Understanding people is also a key aspect of building the effective relationships which allows a good HR team to cement the organisation into a cohesive unit.

Key Points
  • Opportunity to study at various levels for short and longer term to fit around commitments.
  • Complete range of specialisms from technical and legal through to communication and presentation.
  • Great career progression opportunities between HR Assistant and HR Director.
  • Not just academic achievement gets rewarded – being good with people is equally important.

Human Resources Courses