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Procurement & Supply Courses

Awarded by the Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply

There is increasing demand for Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply qualified people in the complete cross-section of businesses in both the public and private sectors, giving fantastic career opportunities in diverse business markets.

Procurement & Supply Courses at Wakefield College

This diversity means that a purchaser can be buying anything from manufacturing components, to helicopters, to health services and TV advertising space.

Efficient and effective procurement and supply chain management are crucial elements of a successful business.

Understanding how the business environment operates and more importantly, changes so rapidly today, requires new skills and techniques if an organisation is to stay ahead of the competition.

Key Points
  • Procurement is getting recognition as a major contributor to company growth.
  • Performance, more than seniority, drives career progression.
  • Many courses offer modular study to fit around your commitments.
  • Career is seen to have one of greatest impacts on companies’ bottom lines, with salaries to reflect this.

Procurement & Supply Courses