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Children’s University Privacy Notice

Wakefield College Children’s University Privacy Notice

This privacy notice sets out how Wakefield College (we) uses and protects the personal information of the participants of the Children’s University and their parents/guardians.

The information that you give us

When a child joins the Wakefield Children’s University (Children’s University), we may process the following personal data: 

  • the name of the child’s parent or carer; 
  • the signature of the child’s parent or carer; 
  • the child’s name; 
  • the child’s date of birth; 
  • the child’s gender; 
  • the child’s school and class name/number; 
  • the child’s attendance at Children’s University events;
  • the email address of the child’s parent or carer;
  • the phone number of the child’s parent or carer;
  • the home address of the child and parent or carer; and
  • any medical or mobility issues the child may have.
The uses made of your personal information

We will use the personal information in the following ways: 

  • to register the child as a member of the Children’s University;
  • to administer the Children’s University;   
  • to communicate with the child and his/her parent/guardian including sending invitations to Children’s University events and the Children’s University graduation ceremony;
  • to issue the child with certificates of achievement;
  • to ensure the child’s safety and wellbeing at Children’s University events;
  • to issue the child with a Children’s University ‘passport’; and  
  • to create and administer the child’s Children’s University online account (if applicable). 
The legal basis on which we collect and use your personal information

We will generally process personal data only with the parent/guardian’s consent (and with the child’s consent where applicable). Alternatively, where consent does not apply, we may process personal data as part of our public task in administering the service.

Where that information is special category personal information (e.g. medical information) we will process it because there is a substantial public interest for us to do so. 

How long we will keep your personal infromation

We will keep personal information until the September following the child’s 16th birthday unless we are required to retain the information for longer by law.

For further details on how long we keep personal information, view our retention schedule Document Retention Schedule [May 2018].

How we share your personal data

We may share personal information with the following organisations for the following reasons: 

Organisation/type of organisation: The child’s school. 


We receive consent forms and data from the school when registering children as Children’s University members. We share personal data on a regular basis when recording learning hours and tracking certificates achieved and general administration of the Children’s University. We may also share names/registers and medical/mobility issues as part of attendance at Children’s University events including the graduation ceremony. 

How we transfer your personal infromation outside europe

We will not store or transfer the personal information outside of Europe.

The individual’s rights over personal information

Individuals have a number of rights over their personal information (parents/guardians may have these rights in relation to their child’s personal information depending on the child’s age and other matters), which are:

  • the right to make a complaint to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) if they are unhappy about the way their personal data is being used – please refer to the ICO’s website for further information about this (
  • the right to ask us what personal information about them we are holding and to have access to a copy of their personal information;
  • the right to ask us to correct any errors in personal information;
  • the right, in certain circumstances, such as where our use of personal information is based on consent and we have no other legal basis to use personal information, to ask us to delete personal information;
  • the right, in certain circumstances, such as where we no longer need personal information, to request that we restrict the use that we are making of personal information;
  • the right, in certain circumstances, to ask us to review and explain our legitimate interests; and
  • the right, where our use of personal information is carried out for the purposes of an agreement with us and is carried out by automated means, to ask us to provide a copy of their personal information in a structured, commonly used, machine-readable format.